The Residential Architecture of McKim Mead & White

McKim Mead & White was the leading American architectural practice at the turn of the 20th century. The range of their commissions will probably never be equalled by any other architectural firm. Their office designed some of the greatest classically inspired buildings and public spaces to be found in the United States, such as the Boston Public Library, Columbia University and the Mall in Washington DC. And yet, the firm still mananged to produce some of the most interesting shingle style cottages of the day. The firm was also equally adept at designing some of the largest mansions ever built. Their work encompasses a variety of styles, Colonial, Classical, French, Georgian - always beautifully detailed and elegant.

Dining Room, "Kingscote, " Newport, RI, 1881

"Ochre Point," Newport, RI 1882-1884

Entrance Hall, "Rosecliff", Newport, RI 1898-1902

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