English Country House in Scarsdale, NY

The traditional stucco, limestone and local granite exterior of this house is designed to fit into a neighborhood of older traditional homes. Within this skin, however, the house incorporates the latest technology in energy efficiency and has a modern spare interior.

The heating and air-conditioning system uses a ground source geothermal system utilizing 9 wells drilled to 600 ft. deep which are buried under the front lawn. An array of photovoltaic solar panels mounted on the south facing rear roof provide electrical power. Radiant heat tubing is located under the wood flooring and the building is very efficiently insulated with icynene open cell spray foam insulation.

The interior has a serene contemporary feel that blends with the exterior without being overtly referential. The rooms are airy and full of natural light from the oversized windows. Only low- and no-VOC paints and polyurethane that released no, or minimal VOC pollutants were used in finishing the interior surfaces.

The U shaped footprint of the house allows for a lovely south-facing private terrace in the rear.


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Photography by Roy Gumpel and Felhandler/Steeneken Architects